Welcome to this place  created for the expression of loss. My hope is that it be a place of healing for the readers and the contributors alike.

Going through the loss of my mother last year and of my sister-in-love this year, I am learning about the wounds of loss. For a while I was paralyzed with it and this journal almost faded away.

My goal now is to continue to revive TSJ even as I revive myself. This road is long yet it is a contradiction in that while I don't travel alone -  I am alone as I travel..

We are unified by birth and death - truths from which we can't escape. Share your experiences of loss whether it is a loss of a person, favorite space, keys, book, memories. Someone else may benefit from your words. Writing them may be cathartic for you.

Thank you. for visiting. 


Welcome to Theshinejournal.net from
Pamela Tyree Griffin, Editor